Holistic Canine Wellness Coaching

Ongoing Dogs Health Support


For those who understand the importance of continuous care for their furry friends, I offer a service that emphasizes consistent guidance and open lines of communication. Here's a breakdown of how the service is structured:


Weekly Rate: $400

Opting for the weekly package brings a suite of benefits:
Consistent Support: Throughout the week, I'll be by your side (virtually), ensuring that every aspect of your dog's health is on track.
Regular Check-ins: Periodic updates will be provided, giving you insights into your dog's progress and any adjustments needed in their care regimen.
Easy Accessibility: Have a burning question or a sudden concern? You can reach out to me via phone or email, ensuring prompt attention to any issues.


Hourly Rate: $85 per hour

For those who require flexible, as-needed consultations:

Focused Sessions: During our time together, we'll address any specific health concerns pertaining to your dog.

Actionable Plans: Our discussion will culminate in a tangible plan of action, which can adapt to any changes that emerge. 

Resources and Guidance: After each session, you'll be equipped with valuable resources and guidance to navigate your dog's health needs between our meetings.

In essence, think of this service as 'Holistic Canine Coaching.' It's more than just consultations; it's an ongoing partnership aimed at ensuring your dog's optimal health and happiness.


Forms for Completion

To ensure that I have all necessary details and can tailor my support effectively, I will provide specific forms for clients to complete. These forms will gather information about your dog's current health status, dietary habits, exercise routines, and any other pertinent details. By having this comprehensive picture, our consultations and plans will be far more effective and personalized.

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Nutritional Intake
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Homeopathic Intake Pets
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Herbal Intake
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