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  • When you choose to partner with me on this wellness journey for your pet, the process begins with an in-depth understanding. To achieve that, I'll send you a detailed questionnaire. This is a crucial step as it will provide insights into your pet's health, habits, and needs, laying the foundation for our discussions.


  • For our initial meeting, you have the flexibility to opt for a Zoom session or a traditional phone call, based on what you're most comfortable with. This meeting is a collaborative effort; we will sift through your questionnaire responses, addressing every query and concern you have. I firmly believe in the importance of clear communication, ensuring that you are fully informed and empowered throughout.


  • Post our discussion, I will meticulously design a bespoke protocol tailored just for your pet. We'll reconvene in a follow-up meeting to delve into this plan. It's imperative that you understand every aspect of the protocol, and I'm here to clarify and fine-tune any details, addressing all questions that arise.


  • For this holistic service, which encompasses two thorough Zoom sessions and a personalized protocol, the investment is $230. Should there be a need for further follow-ups, the fee stands at $130.


  • It's essential to know that I'm with you every step of the way. Your concerns and queries regarding the protocol are always welcome. While I strive to provide immediate assistance, I request a buffer of up to 24 hours to respond, ensuring that I give your concerns the attention they deserve.


  • Additionally, if you're specifically interested in optimizing your dog's diet, I'm thrilled to offer a specialized nutritional consultation. This is more than just a consultation—it's a dedication to curating the most nourishing and balanced meal plan for your beloved pet. The fee for this intricate consultation, which provides a recipe meeting the AAFCO standards, is priced at $75. Should you wish to explore more recipes, each subsequent one is available for $45.


  • Join me in offering the best for your pet, prioritizing their health and well-being at every step.
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