I was referred to Regina from Rita Hogan, Canine Herbalist.  
A little background… Milli was diagnosed with immune mediated encephalitis shortly after her second round of puppy immunizations. Her immune system attacked her cerebellum and she lost control of her head and limbs. After several months of steroid and immune suppressant injections Milli was able to walk again but with no real end in sight to her treatments. I wanted to do more to help her so I decided to search for a holistic alternative. I was listening to Rita Hogan’s podcast  and decided to email her and I’m so thankful I did.   
Regina spent time to fully understand Milli’s history. She developed an in depth holistic plan that included nutritional changes, gut support with supplements, tinctures for kidney and liver detox, and was there to answer my many questions and calm my fears along the way.
Fast forward three months and Milli is more stable now than ever and is living her best life 🥰.   
Clients for life, Milli and Debbie 

We have been working with Regina for 2 months. We came to her for our 18 week old Great Dane puppy, Bruce who had been struggling with Giardia. After the vet put him through 4 rounds of antibiotics & anti paraciticles his gut was enraged. He couldn't tolerate any store bought raw or cooked dog food. Regina helped us with a diet he could tolerate, put him on several probiotics and prebiotics, tinctures and herbs. Throughout the 2 months all the foods, herbs and tinctures had to be tweaked for Bruce, many he couldn't tolerate. Regina stuck with us & answered all our questions, tweaked all the formulas several times & was genuine in her concern for Bruce.

Bruce is Giardia free and on his way to a healed gut. 

My two dogs had been struggling with Giardia for several years it felt like I tried everything (antibiotics/going to a vet/etc). Was feeling really sad to see my poor pups struggling with GI issues as a result of Giardia. With one last effort I reached out to Regina (I had always wanted to speak with a canine herbalist but they’re hard to come by!). 
Regina was fantastic. She was super attentive, listened patiently while I gave her my dogs medical history. She gave us a really great herbal protocol, made sure to include dietary suggestions, and probiotics (I so appreciate the holistic approach). I think my pups finally cleared giardia once and for all! I’m so relieved and grateful. Regina’s definitely someone I will reach out to in the future and I will highly recommend her to anyone.”

Nikka Martineau , Oona and Zeke (California)

In my youthful feline days as a curious Abyssinian, I embarked on a quest to answer the age-old question: Can one truly digest rubber? From yoga mats to squishy floor thingamajigs in my giant litter box (aka apartment), I nibbled them all. Alas, my experiments always led to an unscheduled 'return' event.

One day, one of the tall two-legged creatures I graciously allow to cohabit with me aimed that shiny rectangle (the one they annoyingly stick to their ears) at me. Moments later, in a mysterious realm of my kitty consciousness, I met Regina. She inquired about my peculiar rubber-chomping habits.

I candidly confessed that while rubber was fun, I'd rather gnaw on a juicy raw chicken wing. I mean, wouldn’t anyone? I mean can food - shmen food. Gimme some raw chicken!

Lo and behold, after our chat, a raw chicken wing magically appeared before me. Since then, I get it a few times a week!

Rubber? What rubber? All thanks to Regina, the feline-human interpreter, for bridging the communication gap between this regal cat and his less-sophisticated human underlings!

Nils the Abyssinian (somewhere in the Big Apple area)

A quintessential example of everything you could want in the field of animal welfare. Regina Beider will throw her whole self into your situation- whether your animal is on its last legs or happy as a clam. She is here to support your needs, and most importantly, your animal’s needs. Her intuition and connection with living beings is undeniable. Personally, I met Regina and her miracle dog, Zishunka, on a whim. We would pass by each other while walking in the park and mutually be drawn to one another. The moment I got a puppy, we really started to connect. She helped me maneuver through vaccination protocols, diet (for the pickiest eater), Giardia, and Lyme’s disease scares with my adventurous Border Terrier, Critter. I can’t praise her enough! Regina goes to show that perseverance and loving care can overcome the troubling perspective of “the impossible.” You are in good hands with this majestic healer!

Critter and  Emily ,Brooklyn NY